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Episode 54 - Bob Lee Murder Suspect Arrested, Clarence Thomas's benefactor, Trump humiliates Tucker, and TradCathLeaks

The one where we discuss the Bob Lee murder in San Francisco, Harlan Crow's shady real estate deals, Trump's humiliation of Tucker Carlson, and the "TradCath" intel leak suspect Jack Teixeira.

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Jay McKenzie
Griff Sombke
Politics at the intersection of extremists, propaganda and Cold War 2.0. Cutting through the noise to help you make sense of a chaotic information space.
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The one where we discuss the Bob Lee murder in San Francisco, Harlan Crow's shady real estate deals, Trump's humiliation of Tucker Carlson, and the "TradCath" intel leak suspect Jack Teixeira.

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Here are some of the sources and articles we used to create this episode:

SF officials slam Elon Musk, others, for spreading rampant crime narrative

“District Attorney Brooke Jenkins blasted “reckless and irresponsible statements” that made incorrect assumptions about the Cash App co-founder Lee’s killing, which she said “serve to mislead the world in their perceptions of San Francisco and also negatively impact the pursuit of justice.”

Fare thee well, Christopher Rufo; We hardly got to know you

“In Rufo-speak, “clean[ing] up our streets and parks” translates to increased sweeps that brutalize our unhoused neighbors, which is the kind of “law and order” rhetoric used by the likes of Nixon and Reagan to militarize America’s police force since the 1970s. Of those actually attempting to materially help our unhoused neighbors, Rufo says “nothing is more important than their own display of compassion,” and has peppered his writings and speeches with criticisms of Seattle’s “activist class.” Rufo derides what he views as “virtue signalling,” a right-wing talking point peddled by Breitbart to garner sympathy for the police and further foster hatred toward Seattle’s homeless community. He says he wants to “break up the homeless industrial complex,” another right-wing talking point that translates to defunding nonprofits currently offering services. Rufo’s campaign tag, “compassion with results,” left open the option of  “reinstitutionalizating” the dangerously mentally ill, an argument for a return to the days of callous sanitariums.”

Clarence Thomas and the Billionaire

“These trips appeared nowhere on Thomas’ financial disclosures. His failure to report the flights appears to violate a law passed after Watergate that requires justices, judges, members of Congress and federal officials to disclose most gifts, two ethics law experts said. He also should have disclosed his trips on the yacht, these experts said.

Thomas did not respond to a detailed list of questions.”

Billionaire Harlan Crow Bought Property From Clarence Thomas. The Justice Didn’t Disclose the Deal.

“A federal disclosure law passed after Watergate requires justices and other officials to disclose the details of most real estate sales over $1,000. Thomas never disclosed his sale of the Savannah properties. That appears to be a violation of the law, four ethics law experts told ProPublica.

The disclosure form Thomas filed for that year also had a space to report the identity of the buyer in any private transaction, such as a real estate deal. That space is blank.

“He needed to report his interest in the sale,” said Virginia Canter, a former government ethics lawyer now at the watchdog group CREW. “Given the role Crow has played in subsidizing the lifestyle of Thomas and his wife, you have to wonder if this was an effort to put cash in their pockets.”

Thomas did not respond to detailed questions for this story.”

Suspect charged in case involving leaked classified military documents

“pA friend of Teixeira described his motives to The Washington Post as wanting to share — and show off — the secrets he knew to a small circle of online friends who bonded over video games.

Teixeira served in a junior position, but he had access to an internal Defense Department computer network for top-secret information, called the Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System, according to a U.S. official familiar with the matter. That access would have allowed him to read and potentially print documents classified at the same level as many of the leaked files.

Teixeira told members of the group Thug Shaker Central on the Discord instant-messaging platform that he worked as a technology support staffer for the Massachusetts Air National Guard and at a base on Cape Cod, and this was how he was able to access classified documents, one member of the Discord server told The Post. Members of the group came together initially because of their shared interest in guns and military gear, the member said.”

Press Pushes ‘Mass of Contradictions’ Storyline about Far-Right Radical Teixeira

“Here’s a new article from the Post on Jack Teixeira which contains a series of assumptions I can only call disturbing. The headline reads, “He’s from a patriotic family — and allegedly leaked U.S. secrets.” In the vein of that headline, the article presents Teixeira as a bundle of contradictions. He didn’t want to hurt America. He was a patriotic guy from a patriotic, military family, etc.

And yet the guy described in numerous interviews with young men or boys from his server community is a textbook far-right radical, the type who often commits acts of violence, though as yet we have no evidence of that from Teixeira. He was very into guns; he was viciously racist and antisemitic; he worshipped at the cult of Ruby Ridge and Waco and anti-government activism.”

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