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This is a collaborative work between Jay McKenzie and Griff Sombke. Jay writes the newsletter, and Griff runs the podcast where we both discuss the newsletter and how it relates to the wider world.

We’re going to be focused on narratives out there on social media and in the mainstream media that threaten to hijack our discourse and our politics. Sometimes we’ll be talking about domestic actors in the U.S., other times it will hostile foreign states (with a particular focus on authoritarian regimes like Russia, China and Iran). These streams often cross, and when they do, we’ll try to explain the significance. Our goal here is to help you make sense of a chaotic information space by bringing you the unbiased truth.

We plan on publishing long-form articles weekly with the related podcast published shortly afterwards (both are free to read and listen). If we see stuff we think you need to know about, we will have some shorter updates to newsletter as we go along. We are striving for quality over quantity here, so if we can’t offer you a unique perspective to a particular topic, we may not cover it.

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