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Changes to Did Nothing Wrong- Audio Version

Changes to Did Nothing Wrong- Audio Version

A status update for DNW subscribers:

This is an audio version of the note we sent out explaining the changes to the podcast going forward:

Hey everyone, Jay here, I’m writing to give you a few updates on some changes to Did Nothing Wrong going forward. You may have noticed a lack of updates from the newsletter recently. Real life with three small children has been chaotic for me lately, and every time I sat down to write something, I didn’t have the time to devote to the work that I would normally put in, at least not with everything that goes into making two high quality podcast episodes a week. Griff and I don’t have a team or anyone else helping us produce these episodes. It’s the two of us doing it all from start to finish—including all the audio editing, booking guests, sourcing and fact-checking the material and all the other little things that are necessary to make the show sound great.

I think you deserve quality work, and if I can’t deliver on that quality work, I don’t think it’s right to send you a substandard product. So, I’ve decided to put the newsletter on pause for the time being. The reality is this newsletter and podcast has been a full-time job for Griff and me, and while we love it and want to keep doing it, we’re not making enough money from this work to pay the bills. So, I’m going to try and pick up some additional work to make up the difference and devote the rest of my time to continuing the DNW podcast and keep producing the quality work you’ve come to expect from us. 

Here’s the plan going forward:

We will continue offering one episode per week of our highest quality work for free, but all paid subscribers will have access to one premium episode per week as well. This premium tier will include additions to our Permanent Record series as well as other bonus episodes with friends of the show, journalists and perhaps some more lighthearted subject matter. You’ll get more audio content and support our work in the process. Both versions of the show will remain ad free. We’ll publish previews of our premium episodes on the free show feed as well, so you get an idea of what you’d be paying for.

All paid subscribers to Did Nothing Wrong on Substack will have access to all our free and premium episodes, our archive of articles on didnothingwrongpod.com and any future writing we publish there. If you have absolutely any issues getting access to our episodes or the RSS feed for our premium episodes, please do email us at didnothingwrongpod@protonmail.com, and we will make sure it gets sorted out ASAP. The first premium episode will be a Permanent Record episode on RFK Jr., and we plan to have that out next week.

We need your support to keep this show running and to keep it running ad free. If you’re able and willing to help us financially, please consider doing so today. You can go to my Linktree account below if you’re interested in giving a one-time donation, or you can become a paid subscriber today at https://www.didnothingwrongpod.com/subscribe.


If you’re unable or not sure about financial support yet, that’s okay! Please consider sharing the show with friends and family, give us a nice rating and review on the app you’re listening on. That helps us a lot too!

As always, we’re so grateful for every one of you. Your support means the world to us. Stick with us and help us make the Did Nothing Wrong podcast a success.

Thanks everyone!

Jay and Griff

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