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Oct 9, 2023·edited Oct 9, 2023Liked by Griff Sombke

Talking about the school lunch debt issue reminded me of a comment I saw in Notes yesterday where a guy was complaining that Biden released the 6 billion to Iran in order to fund the Hamas attack. He was fact checked that the money was theirs and had been frozen. It wasn't "our" money, and that when it was released they were told it needed to go towards humanitarian aid. He agreed with that, but then went "BUT, that frees up their other money to fund blah blah blah."

Chuck Grassley complained that tax breaks for wealthy people are good because they're not like regular people that would waste their tax breaks on movies, booze, and women.

Makes me think their not so unspoken argument against eliminating school lunch debt is "Well, if we free up money for the poors, they'll just spend it on things of which I don't approve."

It's so infuriating. Which children do they really want to protect? It sure as hell isn't those whose families are struggling to have a decent quality of life.

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