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DeSantis isn't changing his position and he's not anti vax. He was in favor of using the vaccines to keep people from losing their lives during the pandemic, especially the most vulnerable. He still is. However, he also recognizes that the CDC and others in our government flat out LIED to us about the vaccines' usefulness and at times even the harm *some* of the vaccines were doing to people. Here in Florida we 'flattened the curve' by DeSantis' edicts because he understood what the intent was behind the term and the effort. Keep enough people healthy enough, infected or not, to keep from overwhelming hospitals. And we did it with his leadership.

Our Daughter in Law* was a cancer research nurse before and during the pandemic. Her special field of study was how cancer drugs interacted with the heart. She noticed early on that people who had been vaccinated were showing up with enflamed hearts. She even called it what it was even though we, not being in the medical field, didn't have a clue what she was talking about. (Generally of course, not about specific patients) My understanding is that only the mRNA vaccines cause the enflamed heart problem and that's what DeSantis convened his study about, not the rest of the vaccines.

Go look it up yourself. I'm right. :-)

* I can give you her name in private for verification of her identity and career path if you wish. She's moved back into pediatrics now but was a cancer research professional specializing in how cancer drugs interact with the heart (my definition) during the pandemic.

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