You are doing something very important. I'm an old woman and covid sent all of us onto the internet to find audio, video stuff. I've been listening to a number of podcasts to figure out what makes a good podcast. It's really about storytelling. For example, Trump goes back to Roy Cohn. Roy Cohn comes forward via Stone, Manafort as well etc. How does one create a story? It doesn't have to be overstimulating, it needs to come from somewhere, explain the present, and why it's important to pay attention.

TheFocusGroup is good all of The Bulwark, Talking Feds are good examples, along with The Lincoln Project.

In other words, the beginning then spreads out and the dots have to be connected. Keep going. The other thing ... what do you want us, as listeners, to do? How can we use your research and information? Are there 'calls to action?'

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I like your podcasts, however, can you start each off with explaining the background of who each person or situation is so that we can understand who/what you're talking about.

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