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Jul 20, 2023Liked by Griff Sombke

Hey guys, really liked this one, and every guest you get on seems a worthy follow on Twitter, and Daniel is no exception.

I’ve got a question more for Griff than Jay, but here’s it to both of you - do you have any interest in covering the nazi/comitatus/fascist axis in the Pacific Northwest and their history? They’ve been on my radar for a very, very long time, as I went to high school in the early 80s with a guy from my home town in Saskatchewan who eventually became a Nazi and likely murdered a guy from a local First Nation, but got off with manslaughter. And turned out to be an informant to the intelligence service here.

This was all in the same time that Pete Peters was doing shortwave, and Hayden Lake, and whatnot. The thing is there was a lot of Nazi shit even then on both sides of our border.

Anyway, if you ever need a break from current reality to get really depressed about these parts (I’m in Alberta now) in the last 40 or 50 years, talking about what you know from your side of the border then, and what you’ve learned since, would be appreciated.

Love the show. I’m @ironymug on Twitter btw

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