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I think when one telescopes way out, one mostly sees a collection of psychopaths; MbZ, Putin, MbS, the deposed Imran, Bibi, all effectively making China (and much less so and more obliquely Turkey) more powerful, whatever else they do.

Istanbul and Beijing were the two power centers of asia for most of the past 2300 years, so this should not surprise.

Israel and IRI both exist as ethnonationalist-messianic states to keep everyone else off balance, China offers genuine neutrality in the void with regards to these things, and slowly, incrementally exploits this advantage, one PLA base next to an airport at a time.

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"but a few members of the audience jumped on stage and took over the performance"

Excellent analysis. I see it on the left and the right where that occurs.

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Another thing to consider is whether or not moron anti-semite crazy person Kanye's background of childhood NoI is something that resonates with street-level Sunni as they watch Israeli jets fly over Arab air for the first time in history. Nation of Islam is many things, but above all, it is 100% American, just like LDS. Does current internet tech mean all the wacko impulses of the African diaspora, the claimed Judaism themes, Nation of Islam cosmology, bleed together with banlieue disaffection in suburban Paris and the giant Sunni masses of Syria and Iraq?

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