You guys are still going easy on Jack.

We need more :

2004 young alcoholic staffer Jack

2008 Tanya’s KGB prep team

2011-2017 Jack’s marriage to Brittany Patrice Walsh and incessant cheating

2010 - Tanya KGB school

2018- the fact that he isn’t in prison means he still has real IC friends

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You're a gentleman, Jay, and a very ethical person, part of why I like you, and I know you don't like dragging third parties, especially women, into these things.

But here's the thing - Jack hid her inside GOP congressional offices all that time. And not just any offices, Florida Mafia Yoho's office. So she gets no pass.

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Anne Arundel Circuit Court C-02-FM-17-000317 1/22/2017 Divorce Absolute

That's one thing Jack says never existed, the legal end of his six-year marriage.

He loves to tell the world about his Tanya romance in 2015, that is easy enough to find on twitter.

Tanya mentioned that she knew Ohio because she went their first. Why did she say that? Her spy/handler/prep team set her up in Maryland (with a mall business, condo) fairly early in the story, but in Maryland (almost certainly as part of a generalized military honeypot thing) not Ohio. Why did she say Ohio?

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Search for Jack on the Anne Arundel courts site.


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Document Name: Order

Comment: of Court to Correct Misnomer ORDERED that the Clerk of the Court is directed to correct the Defendant's name from John Posobiec to John M. Posobiec, III. (Copies mailed to John Posobiec and Brittany Posobiec)"

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