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If IRI is an ally of the Kremlin, that means it is an ally of Mossad and the GOP.

That really should *not* seem strange, the Shah, sixty years ago, was keenly aware of Nixon being "his guy" and JFK not being such, mostly as a feature of party politics.

When William Casey was murdered before he could talk to Congress, he was able to dodge questions about the fact that he didn't just manipulate the election with the mullahs, didn't just use them to launder Contra funding, but that neither of these events were purely one-offs.

What was Marc Rich's favorite play in the 90s? Price arbitrage using the discount of IRI oil, oil he could access just as easily as the juice from the Sauds with his own connections.

Then, of course, the 'New Yorker' article on Baku Barbie seemed like such hot stuff that it would be sued off-line at some point... it never was. It was almost as if DT's recent Baku laundering circa 2015 made him seem *more* legit as a GOP option to insiders.

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And, at the risk of spam... the Halkbank/SDNY brouha is about precisely this, Zarrab's utility to the IRGC. Ostensibly...

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This *is* the function of the IRGC, of course, just going by the name! I thought them being named, in particular, would get "Donald Trump's worst Deal" sued off the internet.

When IRGC (or DPRK, or 2023 RF) launders money, that's the exact same thing as torturing protestors, they're the same task, both are seen as existential to keeping the regime alive. Think about what it must be to be a weaponized fraud earner for those states - you get addicted to the payouts.

I think our own centre-right might miss a connection here that they shouldn't - Cuba would never make these kinds of Doritos of Death, not every rogue anti-American state is the same, at all.

IRGC is not unlike S_M networks in some ways, a crime operation but a disciplined one with standards, hierarchies, and advanced cloak-in-a-cloak operational technique. Both were *basically* born around the same time, the ayatollah obviously had *some* kind of material support network way back when he was in Paris.

Jay, I know you're painfully ethical, giving protestors there hope is very problematic ethics. The IRGC can only be destroyed from within, same goes with IRI's clerical culture.

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