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I'll live-comment this one...

2016 just took reactionary culture to the next level, that wasn't new, really the same Nixon formula as 1968, amped-up reactionary politics. Nixon won big in 1972 (GOAT win) because he had actual "antifa" to use as reactionary props, in that protestors rightfully decried the pointless epic violence of Operation Menu at the time. . . Yes, 'Stop the Steal' was originally used vs Cruz as a trope. . . Roger's use of PB as muscle in Cleveland was not a brand new act, there's a bright line between attacking rival delegates in 2016 and 'hang Mike Pence' 55 months later. . . Stone's bizarre embrace of Christianity is a recent thing, and notable in a good short bio. . . Trump also has potential criminal liability in Fulton County GA, NYS exposure which could still become a criminal matter via tax investigation spilling down from the feds back into NYS, Trump also has exposure to Greenberg/Stone investigations. DJT could also just be handled by the mob, NB Tarsenko shooting, NB Montgomerie rogue IC element exposure. JLM is obviously both OC and IC, DeSantis' exposure of him is a serious threat to the whole GOP mafia world. DJT also had a Parler persona more or less just unmasked, meaning J6 charges might come into focus from the feds. Politically, De Santis AND Trump have limited-map problems as well, by being outright hostile to blue states. Harder to win POTUS when you can't make opponents play even a little defense at home. . . Ali is NOT gone as a character. He's still on Telegram, stirring his sh*t pot. He's also vindictive, he has real enemies he hates on the right, much more than the left. . . Is Tarrio bisexual? Did Stone audition more dudes than we think on a personal level? . . . DJT is much more mentally coherent than I thought he would be, I really thought he would be loopier now. He is one tough personality. . . Tarrio already has taken a good fall, I wouldn't want to do the time he has done in the past year. . . Sicknick texts indicated he was a true believer in phantom antifa. Stone GotTFO of the Willard on J6 with interesting timing. NB Grassley was basically in the coup plan as of Jan 5. IMO Ornato would have disappeared Pence and his family, quietly. . . Stone and Finkelstein are the same generation in politics, despite Roger being 7 years younger, RS was a teen prodigy, both were basically active as of 1968. Ailes, too. Atwater, Ailes, Finkelstein, Cohn, Rich, the grandmaster Epstein, all gone... Murdoch and Stone are dinosaurs. . . . Stone's vendetta with DeSantis means he's done, DeSantis will dominate the florida GOP for a lifetime even if Greenberg and Montgomerie (and Trulieve, etc) end his POTUS dreams. . . Hurricane Ian hit the epicenter of ex-mil rogue cop RW PB crossover culture, awkward but true. . . . Atta training in Naples is not a random detail of history IMO. . . Posobiec's wife is still never mentioned despite all his non-fans, Brittany Posobiec and Yoho is an interesting (and Stone-proximate) subject worthy of exploration. Also NB, Jack under Weldon, still drinking. Weldon was very early on the Putin trend, of course. Jack's USN adventures are AFTER Weldon. . . . Spirit cooking goes to euro material, Marina Abramovic, Soros, etc. RW attack vector online was highest quality when Skopje was running Kremlin bots in 2016, those kids were genuinely witty and interesting. Saudi bots three years later are infinitely duller. Notice, Slav Macedonians do NOT like Putin now. Only Serbs still like him. . . I think RS wanted to be out of the Willard by 1pm? I think he knew the violence was going to accelerate 1-3 PM, because he planned it. . . . nice to hear the musical Carolina touch in the accent J, hope you're well

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Stone sets the narrative, and he manipulates it successfully because he understands the nature of his “enemy”. He’s been doing this for so long that he knows how they will react and what they’ll be talking about , so he’s 2 steps ahead of them strategizing according to THEIR reaction to the previous thing HE did. He’s always ahead of the game.

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