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Thoughtful and time-tested advice. Thanks 🙏

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I meant to circle back to comment on this ... sorry it's so late...

I have ALWAYS wondered how you and Griff managed to appear so Zen...

I was going to submit a question regarding the methods and strategies you have used to maintain some internal boundaries. I mean...it's obvious you guys have some sort of system of self care that works for you. I have actually wondered this for years. I have followed you guys for awhile. You definitely present a consistent psychology that looks pretty tight!!!! Of course that's subjective and just what I see / perceive...but my goodness you guys have been through a lot and I appreciate this article into the very things I've wondered about.

Thanks again

Love StacyO 💕

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Thanks, Stacy! It sort of washes over us after a while. Focusing on family and friends helps a lot.

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